Celtic Medallions and Pendants

Hello! Thanks for stopping in. I've got several hundred pieces and this is just a start. I'll try to keep adding pieces as time permits.

The division between Norse and Celtic is somewhat arbitrary. One is largely derived from the other, and there is a lot of crossover, so be sure to visit the Viking Medallion Page as well.

They do not come with chains. There is such a variety of chains that I think you are better off buying one locally. You can get a far better selection, and a better price, at your local discount store than I could provide.

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Eponis Quatrafoil
#5149; The Eponis Quatrafoil seems to have been a fairly common motif in the early migration period. This one is based on an original in my collection. I have since seen a number of similar peices, all done in bronze. The original was done as a fibula, but we've chosen to do this piece as a pendant. It's about 1 3/4" tall, and the price is $15 in bronze and $35 in silver.
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#7101; The Greenman, (about 1 2/3" high and an inch wide) nicely detailed and cast in bronze for $15, or silver for $35.
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The Lord and Lady Pendant
#SHREW-1; This clever pendant depicts the Celtic Lord, and turned so the other end is up, also depicts the Lady (or vice-versa if you prefer). There is only one pendant shown in the images. The back is arranged with a slider bar so you can switch it without taking it off the chain. It's about 1 1/3" tall, and an inch wide.
The price in silver is $35, and in bronze it is $20.
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The Lord of the Beasts
#7501; The Lord of the Beasts, somtimes called Hern, with two of his subjects. It's about 1 1/2" tall, and 13/16" wide.
The price in silver is $30, and in bronze it is $15. Out of Stock
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Bridgit's Cross
#7505; This is a representation of the cross woven out of the grain of the harvest to honor the Goddess Bridgit. In Christian times the goddess was renamed "Saint Bridgit" and the practice continued into modern times. It's about 1 11/16" tall, and 1 7/16" wide.
Silver is $30, Bronze is $15.

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Smaller Bridgit's Cross
#7504; Here is a smaller version, large enough for a pendant, small enough for an earring. It's about 1 1/4" tall, and 1" wide.
$20 in silver, $10 in bronze.

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Three Bridgits
#7508; Bridgit in the familiar Maiden, Mother, Crone forms, about 1 1/3" in diameter.
$30 in silver, $15 in bronze.

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#7510; Eponia, the horse goddess, was so popular she was worshipped even by Roman legions in Celtic occupied lands. For more on the Goddess Epona you might want to visit her web shrine.
About 1 1/3" in diameter, the price is $35 in silver, $15 in bronze.

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Irish Solar Cross
#5207; An ancient Irish symbol representing eternity, the intertwined ribbons are understood as bands of light and life. A substantial casting, it is about 1 3/8" across. The price in bronze is $15,
in silver it is $45
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#7502: Occurring most commonly in medieval churches, these figures are said to represent the passageway to and from the afterlife. This medallion captures the spirit of the originals, and is about 1 3/8" tall and 1 1/16" wide.
$25 in silver, $15 in bronze.

For an excellent page with many images of original Sheela-na-gigs, and the churches in which they appear, you might want to visit Megalithica. If you would like to know about the meaning of Sheela-na-gig you might want to visit the Sila na Geige page by Rowan Saille.
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Celtic Star
#5201; A light, delicate casting about an inch wide, the price is $30 in silver, $12 in bronze.


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