Karesuando Knives,
tradition and culture from the arctic taiga.

map of Karesuando's location

These knives are produced in Karesuando, Sweden, located far north of the Arctic Circle. They have their origins in the hostile Arctic climate. The raw materials are taken from the surrounding country. Leather, horn and bone from the reindeer, and curly-grained birch, are the main components.

I'm really impressed with these knives. They have a wonderful feel in the hand. The wood is finished to a satiny smoothness I usually associate with careful hand sanding. The finish gives a better grip than a shiny surface, but doesn't raise blisters when working hard. The blades are well ground and sharpened. The shapes and sizes are ideal for all-around utility use. You can tell that these are knives made by folks who use knives. I'm very glad that I'm selling these, because if I saw them for sale by someone else, I'd have to buy some. I found myself looking for excuses to handle the knives while working up the catalog. Each comes with a stout sheath of the deep pouch style. There are no straps or snaps to fumble with when removing or replacing the knife. Where indicated, there is a plastic insert to protect the sheath and the user.

For the technically minded, the stainless blades are 12C27, and the carbon blades are Uddeholm steel #1770 (0.7% C, 0.3% Si, 0.5% Mn). Both are hardened to 57 on the Rockwell C scale. This gives an excellent balance of edge-holding and ease of sharpening.

Click on the image for an enlarged view of the knife and its sheath.

larger image #3515, The "Rävan Special" (Fox) is one of the ones that feels so good to me. The handle has just enough shape to give control without restricting you to one grip. The curly birch handle is a bit over 4". There is just the suggestion of a finger guard. All of these are handmade knives, and the handles may vary up to a 1/4" or so. If you have a preference, let me know. The 12C27 stainless Sandvik blade is 3 15/16" long (10 cm.), 13/16" wide and .100" thick. It comes with a dark brown sheath with a belt strap rather than a thong. The sheath accepts belts up to about 1 1/2", and has a plastic liner. $85

larger image #3520, The Örnen (Eagle) is a more traditional version. The handle is shaped more in the Saami tradition. The carbon steel blade is just under 4" and about .1" thick. The sheath swings from a thong in the fashion of the far North. The handle gives excellent control for the draw cuts favored when the hands are gloved or numbed with cold. It's about 4 1/4" long, and the knife is about 8 1/4" overall. $85.00
larger image #3510, The Haren (Hare) has a small blade and a full sized handle. This makes a nice working or whittling knife for those (like myself) who like shorter blades. The handle is sized for average hands, and the Sandvik stainless blade is 3" long, 11/16" wide, and .097" thick. The knife and sheath weigh about 4 1/4 ounces, so it would be well suited for hikers. The knife is about 7 1/4" overall, and comes with a light color handle, and dark brown traditional sheath.` $62.00
larger image #3536, The "Elk Sandvik" is a nicely made hunting knife with a bit of a guard and a reindeer antler spacer. This concentrates mass near the center of gravity and gives the knife a lively feel. The Sandvik stainless blade is just under 4" long, 13/16" wide, and .127" thick. The handle is about 4 1/4", but reasonably small in diameter. I like the way this one feels in my average sized hand. It comes with a stout sheath that will take wider belts up to about 2".The price is $115.00
larger image #3506, The Vildmark (Wilderness) is done in the style of current Scandinavian custom knives. The handle has a finger cutout, and just enough guard to keep your hand off the blade. It's well shaped for positive control in my medium sized hand. The Sandvik stainless blade is 3 1/4" long, 13/16" wide, and about .127" thick. It comes with a medium weight sheath with a belt loop that will take belts up to about 1 1/2" wide. The knife and sheath weigh about 5 ounces. The price is $86
larger image #3504, The Shoat is a variation with a wider blade. The Sandvik stainless blade is 3 1/4" long, 7/8" wide, and ~.127" thick. It comes with a medium weight sheath with a belt loop that will take belts up to about 1 1/2" wide. The price is $89
larger image #3502, The Galten Special is the Boar dressed up with a antler spacer in the handle, and a carbon steel blade. The carbon blade is just under 4" long, 15/16" wide, and .099" thick. The thinner blade improves slicing, while the extra width retains strength. Again, the handle has a bit of guard to keep your hand off the blade, but doesn't have the cut out. The handle is about 4 1/2" long, and sized for slightly larger hands. The price is $109.
larger image #3586, The Boar Survival knife adds a fire steel. Again, the handle has an antler spacer, both for appearance and to improve the balance.The handle is about 4 1/4" long. The Sandvik 12C27 blade is just under 4” long, 15/16” wide, and 1/8” thick. The spine of the blade is squared to provide sharp corners for striking sparks from the included firesteel. The fire steel is military diameter of 3/8”, and has an antler handle with decorative scrimshaw. The sheath has a holds both the knife and firesteel securely. $135.00
larger image #3584, The Boar Survival knife is also available with a two sided diamond plate instead of the firesteel. $145.
larger image #3587, The Boar Survival knife is also available with both the two sided diamond plate and the firesteel. This would be a very comprehensive kit in a very neat and compact form. $169

larger image #3595, The Double Hunting Set combines the Boar with a Scandinavian style opening knife. because the gutting blade cuts from the inside out, it doesn't get clogged with fur. It's also useful in boning out the legs. $235

larger image #3507, The Älgen (Elk) Special has a Sandvik Stainless blade 3 1/4" long, 7/8" wide, .128" thick. The 3 3/4" handle has an antler spacer with just a bit of shape to keep your finger from moving forward. It comes with a traditional sheath that hangs from a thong. Current stock comes with a dark brown sheath rather than the natural color shown in the picture. This one feels good to me. $95
larger image #3518, The Vargen (Wolf) has a larger 4 1/2" handle in a light finish. It has a single antler spacer just behind the guard. This one should suit those with slightly larger handsl. The Sandvik stainless blade is 3 7/8" long (10 cm.) 13/16" wide, and .126" thick. Current stock comes with a dark brown sheath, nicely stamped with the image of a wolf head. $95
larger image #3533, The Bocken (Buck) is just a bit smaller, with a Sandvik stainless blade about 3 1/8" long, 13/16" wide, and .128" thick. The handle has the same curly birch, antler spacer and brass finger guard, and is about 3 3/4" long. It's a very comfortable knife for those with smaller hands. It comes with a heavy weight sheath for $140
larger image #3513, The Järven (Wolverine) is in a more traditional Sammi style. It has the typical wide, flat pommel with a pronounced flair. The handle is an assembly of reindeer horn and curly birch, and is about 4 1/4". The Sandvik stainless blade is 3 7/8" (10 cm.). The sheath is a has a leather top section with a curly birch base. There is an insert of reindeer horn down the front of the sheath which is engraved with an attractive design. These are done by hand and will vary somewhat. It's altogether a very nice package. The price is $135
larger image #3521, The Moose is an everyday knife in the Saami style. the stainless blade is just under 4" long, 7/16" wide and .127" thick. The handle has the typical flared pommel favored in far North. It's a bit over four inches long, with a diameter suitable for averaged sized hands. There is a hint of a finger notch behind the guard. I'm not usually a fan of these, but this one is very subtle. It provides just a bit security while not removing bulk where it's needed for control, or spoiling the lines of the knfe. The pouch style sheath is attached to a ring and belt loop. This may be a bit less tradtional than the twisted thong, but is probably more durable. I like this one.$89.00 Out of Stock
larger image #3514, The Björnen (Bear) is a small leuku. These are the all-purpose camp knives of the Saami. They are used for everything from cutting brush to butchering reindeer. The carbon steel blade is about 5 1/4" long, 1 1/8" wide, and .128" thick. The handle has the typical flairing pommel faced with reindeer horm. The flat pommel allows you to use the palm of the off hand when forcing the point into something. There is just a hint of a guard to help your fingers off the edge, It comes with a traditional sheath that hangs from a thong. $125.
larger image #3619, The Stickkniv (Large Hunter) is a big knife. The stainless blade is about 6 1/4" long, 1 1/8" wide and .098" thick. Because the blade is fairly thin, the knife weighs only 5 ounces, so it's still quick in the hand. The back of the blade is sharpened for the first 1 3/4", almost like a bowie knife. It's supplied with a sturdy leather sheath. The sheath has a plastic liner, and will take belts up to 2" wide. $117.00
larger image #3620, The Stickkniv: the same knife is available with a natural finish on the handle rather than the dark stain shown above. $117.00 Out of Stock


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