Other Historic Medallions and Pendants

These are mostly historical amulets that don't fit into the other sections.
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"Thunderbolt" stone axe amulets were known throughout Europe. They have been found in areas from the British Isles to Greece, as well as Russia. They were actually Neolithic artifacts, but were thought to be the result of lightning strikes. Even in ancient times Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) wrote of their efficacy. The Norwegians called them "Torestein" (Thor's Stone), the Danes "Tordensen". To the Swedes they were Åskvigg, or thunderbolt. They were often kept in houses as protection against lightning, for general good fortune, or even to keep the milk fresh. They have been prized for magical powers almost into modern times. As amulets, they may have been the precursor of the Hammer. These are REPLICAS. They vary in size and color, but are mostly polished browns and grays, about 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" tall. Imported from Sweden. $15.
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Hammer and Anvil
#2026; The symbolism of the Hammer and Anvil is widespread. Here's a small Hammer and Anvil pendant done in the full round. It's about 1" tall including the suspension loop, and about 7/8" long. Done in silver, the price is $25, bronze is $12.

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King Arthur Penny
In early periods it was comon to wear coins as pendants. Here is a coin from the period of King Arthur. It is NOT a copy of an existing artifact, but a rendition of what might have been. The real king Arthur lived in the 5th to 6th centuries, just after the fall of the Roman Emprire. So here is a coin as the real Arthur Pendragon himself might have issued it, in late Roman style with Latin inscriptions. The inscription is ARTORIUS DUX BELLORUM BRIT(anniae), meaning "Arthur, War Lord of Britain". On reverse, The victrix winged female figure bearing palm frond and laurel wreath, personifying victory, was at that time gradually morphing into a christian image of an angel. MONS BADONIS refers to the Battle of Badon Hill, Arthurs greatest victory (circa 490). PCAM is the Roman style mint designation, standing for "Pecunia Camelot." The silver penny shown is $15. I also have them in copper for $5.

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Sea Begger's Moon
The Sea Begger's Moon comes from the Dutch War of Independence (1500's). When the occupying Spanish Catholic forces were pushing the Dutch into the sea (in their fishing vessels), they contemptuously referred to them as "Sea Beggers". The Dutch adopted the name as a rallying cry, and came back to force the Spanish out of Holland. I've been told that the inscription on one side reads "Give no quarter, take no quarter" and on the other, "Better dead than Papist". Some things never change. Cast in pewter it is $10.

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#7101; The Greenman, cast with nice detail about 1.7" high and 1" wide.
The prices is $35 in silver and $15 in bronze.

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Scythian Stag
#3006; Scythian-style portrayal of the "King of the Forest".
It's about 1.65" long and .88" high.
The price is $30 in silver, $15 in bronze.
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Sythian Bear
#5603; A nicely stylized image of a bear, about 1 1/2" high, and 1 1/4" wide.
The price is $45 in silver, $15 in bronze.

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Stag Wheel
#3103; A stag crowned with a solar wheel.
It's about 1 1/3" high and 3/4" wide.
The price is $30 in silver, $15 in bronze.

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Seven Pointed Star
#5501; Sometimes called the Elven Star,
it's about 1.6" high, 1.4" wide.
The price is $35 in silver, $15 (Out of Stock) in bronze.


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