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The penannular style of brooch goes back many centuries, if not millennia. It was in widespread use from the bronze age through the medieval period, and beyond.

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Three Stone Sea Dragon Brooch
#B17 is adapted from an 8th century pattern found in the Shetland Islands (St.Ninian's Isle, Dunrossness, Shetland Islands, Scotland). . It's about 2 3/4" across and the pin is about 4 1/4" long.
The bronze version shown is out of stock, but I have some in silver with your choice of lapis or garnet eyes for $175.

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Greb Brooch
#1210; A small brooch that would fasten a fine scarf, but mostly for decoration. It's about 1 5/8" across and has a stylized bird.
In silver it is $50,
in bronze, $20.

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Peacock Brooch
#1212; Similar, with a highly stylized peacock. It's about 1 5/8" across.
In silver it is $50,
in bronze, $20.

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Stag Brooch
#1213; And once more with a Stag motif. It's about 1 5/8" across.
In silver it is $50
in bronze, $20

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Chatelaine Brooch
#5153; Styled after Viking brooches of the 9th and 10th Centuries, the loops could function as a place to hang small objects such as needle cases, beads, etc. It's a bit over 2" tall. .
In silver it is $100,
in bronze, $35.


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