In the past I've been very happy to serve customers in other countries. But foreign orders take longer than domestic orders. Often they take a lot longer. There are usually emails to determine the method and cost of shipping. The new customs forms have to be completed on-line, and this can be a lengthy process. If the parcel doesnít arrive as quickly as expected, I have to help track it, and this also takes time. I've just lived with it because I have some wonderful customers who happen to live elsewhere.

Iíve tried doing domestic orders as they came in, and the foreign orders as I found time. It didnít work. The level of service on foreign orders wasn't even marginally acceptable. I donít want to provide shoddy service. I can't see any choice but to stop taking foreign orders until I get caught up, and streamline the processing somehow. Iím very sorry.

Now I find that my credit card processing company charges extra for foreign transactions, and the banks nick me a couple more percent on the currency exchange.

Iím afraid I'm going to have to gratefully decline foreign orders. Thank you for considering my store.

This does not apply to APO orders, which are considered domestic. I'm happy to send to APO AE and similar military addresses! Most APO orders ship free. It's a way to say "Thank You" to those serving our country,