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The Norwegians want their knives to look good, and work very well. The patterns have been refined over the last thousand years or so, and tend toward elegant, functional, simplicity. Most of the styles are very traditional, and many will suit the reenactor very well.

Brusletto knives are made from high carbon stainless steel hardened to about 58 on the Rockwell "C" scale. They come in a variety of elegant, but traditional styles. Workmanship is very good. Most of the sheaths have a molded plastic insert to protect the sheath and owner. Unless otherwise noted, they come with a gift box.

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The Villmann is a big camp knife with a blade about 9 inches long, 1 7/8 wide and 1/8 (.125) thick. It has a forward balance to improve chopping qualities and weighs just under 10 ounces. The 5 handle is sized for larger hands, and is shaped for a comfortable grip. The knife was designed by Ken Ove Nyhus and Jorn Jensen as an all purpose wilderness tool.
Quoting from the Brusletto web page:
"Brusletto Villmann has a Scandinavian grind and can be used for chopping, cutting, whittling, as an outdoorkitchen utensil, as an axe or whatever you want a knife to do. The knife is thoroughly tested in the deep Norwegian forests and mountains during extreme cold and harsh environment. It is more than 90 years combined experience from the wilderness, hunting and fishing, and 20 years of military knowledge which is the basis for the design."

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The Hunter is a large, but fairly light knife with an aluminum guard. The 5 1/4" (13.5cm) blade is wide but thin (.089") for effective slicing. I understand this is a very popular knife in Norway, where hunters often have to quarter and partially butcher their game in the field.
The price is $99

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The Bamsen is another modern hunter. This time with solid aluminum castings for both the guard and pommel. The blade is 4 3/4" long, 1' wide and a stout .150" thick. Handles are olivewood. The knife feels very solid. The sheath has a wide keeper flap and snap closure. $105

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The Vassfarett is a stout bushcraft knife with a blade 3 1/2" long, 1 1/4 wide, and a full .150 thick The blade is 440C and has a Scandinavian grind. The knife has a full width tang visible on all sides of the handle. The 4 1/2 handle is birch, with stainless bolsters, and sized for average to larger hands. Supplied with a leather sheath, the price is $105

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The Storbukken ("Big Buck") is a big knife, with almost 6" of blade and 4 1/2" inches of handle. The blade is about .152" thick. The handle is figured wood with an aluminum hilt. It weighs a bit less than 6 ounces and has a nicely solid feel in the hand. The weight is forward for efficient chopping, and the knife would make a good camp knife for clearing brush, building shelters, butchering game, etc. Yet it's not so large and heavy as to be obnoxious on the belt. $109

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The Falken would make a nice companion piece for skinning. It also has an aluminium hilt, designed to keep your hand from sliding up on the blade when slippery. The 3 3/8" blade has a hollow grind and an upsweep that is well suited to skinning.
The price is $95

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The Trillamarka a more modern verson with a full width tang and very solid feel. It's named after a famous nature preserve in Norway. The Sandvik 12C27 blade is about 4 1/8" long, 7/8" wide at the base, and .110" thick. It has a Scandnavian grind and an upswept shape for skinning and slicing. The 4" cocobola handle is sized for average hands. The leather sheath comes with a wide retention flap. I like this style of flap because it tends to secure the knife even when not snapped. $119

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The Rypa is a smaller companion piece, designed for more delicate tasks. It has a scapel-like 2 1/2" blade of Sandvik 12C27 steel. It's about .140" thick. The nicely sculpted handle is about 4 1/8" long, and fits my average sized hand very well. This would be an excellent knife for whittling, caping, or any other precision task. It's ideal for skinning small game, but would be just enough for deer sized animals in skilled hands. It comes with a well made sheath with a reinforcing band stamped with images of a ptarmigan like bird (similar to a grouse), called a Rypa. The knife and sheath together weigh only 3 1/2 ounces and would almost unnoticeable on the belt. I like this one. $105 Out of Stock.

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The Nansen is a more traditional knife commemorating the great arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen. Among many other accomplishments, he founded the Norwegian Refugee Council, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The knife is a joint effort of Brusletto and the Council, and a portion of the proceeds help support their work. If you're interested, there's a short biography.

The knife itself has a rather wide 3 3/4" (9.5 cm.) blade with an etch of Mr. Nansen's signature. The blade is about .096" thick, and is wide enough to grip with the fingers when doing fine work with the point. The handle is curly birch in a very traditional style. It's typical of knives used in the far North, where draw cuts are used almost exclusively due to hands that are often gloved or numb with cold. The sheath is also traditional, and hangs from a suspension thong. The price is $100

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The Norgeskniven has the same blade in a more conventional setting. The handle is comfortable in a variety of positions, and feels really good in my average sized hand. The sheath hangs from a belt loop and there is a strap to engage a stud on the end of the pommel. The blade is 3 3/4", and the length overall is 8". Current stock does not have the stamping on the sheath.
Price is $105

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The Brusletto-Kniven is a working knife. It has the same blade as the Nansen and Norgeskniven, but with a plain birch handle rather than curly birch. The 4 1/4" handle is done in the style of current Scandinavian custom knives, and gives excellent control. Despite the full size blade and handle it weighs about four ounces including the sheath. It would be excellent for hikers or hunter who like to go light. The knife comes in a simple carton rather than the usual gift box. It's quite a value at only $69

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The Spikkekniv ("whittling knife") is a joint effort of Brusletto, Norges Husflidslag (The Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Federation) and Skogselskaper (The Norwegian Forestry Society). It's really quite sweet. The knife was designed as a carving knife for children to interest them in whittling and woodcraft. The carbon steel blade is just under 2 1/2" long, and shaped for carving. The handle is sized for a child's hand, but is still usable by an adult. Actually it fits my hand quite nicely. It's the only Brusletto knife with a carbon steel blade. Carbon stel is used to provide easier sharpening along with excellent edge retention. The handle is stamped with an image of the project's mascot "Spikketrollet" which is suggested as an easy first carving project. The sheath has a plastic liner for safety. The knife weighs about 3 3/4" including the sheath, so it would also make an interesting neck knife. As you can tell, I really like this one. It comes without a box, and the price is $45

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The Hallingskarvet is a small traditional knife named after a mountain in one of the Norwegian national parks. The handle is only about 3 3/4" long, but feels good in my average sized hand. The blade has a graceful clip, and is about 2 3/4" long, and .093" thick. This would make an excellent small utility knife, and would work nicly as a neck knife. It weighs a bit less than 3 1/2 ounces including the sheath, The sheath will accept 2" belts and has a plastic safety liner. It would also be an interesting whittling knife. $39

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Brusletto Speider

"Speider" is Norwegian for "Scout", and this is one of the Norwegian Boy Scout knives. The slightly upswept stainless blade is about 3 3/8" long, and a stout .135" thick. . The birch handle is just inder 4" long and there is a stout guard to keep the fingers off the blade. The sheath is heavy leather with a plastic liner. I particularly like the way the sheath is designed. It fastens with a snap, but the wide flap is positioned just above the guard. This tends to retain the knife even if the snap is undone, unless it's deliberately folded back. It solves the main problem I have with most snap style sheaths. I wish it was used more widely for sheaths with snaps. The sheath has a sturdy belt loop that will accept belts up to about 1 3/4" wide.
The price is $49

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The Fjel (mountain) is an upscale version with a curly birch handle. The knife has a solid feel in the hand, but is quite lightweight at about 3 1/4 ounces. The sheath has a plastic insert and will take belts up to 1 1/2s. The knife is a bit over 7 3/4 overall, and feels like a worker. The price is $129.


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