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Helle Knife Blades

cross section of Helle blade

Most Helle blades are made of triple laminate stainless steel. The center portion is of high carbon stainless steel* , hardened to 58-59 HRC. This is the harder part of the blade that holds the edge. The outside layers are tough 18/8 stainless. This makes a blade that can be sharpened to a very fine razor edge, and yet is not brittle. It is also easier to resharpen because much of the steel being removed is softer than it would be otherwise. Non-laminated blades are used where the thickness would be inappropriate, for example fillet blades.

Most Helle blades also have the distinctive Scandinavian grind. This is a wide, flat bevel that runs to the edge. There is no secondary bevel as on other knives. This results in an exceptionally keen edge that is easy to sharpen without jigs or other gadgets.

But a knife is more than its blade. The proper handle is necessary to safely use the blade to its fullest. Helle handles have two properties. They feel good in the hand, and appeal to the eye. Curly Birch and other natural materials are carefully shaped and finished to produce a knife that looks as good as it functions.

Similar care goes into the sheath. Good craftsmanship and the perceptible quality of the material, make for a sheath which is both strong and attractive.

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